Criminal Justice and Protective Services

Engineering students and teacher


The principal objective of this trade is to give students an overview of criminal justice and emergency services. Topics include the American legal system, federal, state and local law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services(EMS) with topics that include fire prevention and medical response. Students who participate in this program will receive practical, skills-based training in each of the aforementioned areas along with fundamentals, concepts, theories,and vocabulary.

Connecticut Technical High School System's Criminal Justice and Protective Services  course breakdown by grade. Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.


Course Descriptions

Foundations of Criminal Justice (CJ110)
  • Careers in Criminal Justice and Emergency Service
  • Policing:Legal Aspects&the4th,5th6th Amendments -
  • Criminal Court System -
  • The Correctional System -
  • Special Topicsin Criminal Justice and Emergency Services
  • Juvenile Justice, Domestic Violence, Terrorism, etc. 

Emergency Medical Responder (CJ210)
In Grade 10, the students wil learn about:

  • Patient Safety
  • Scene Safety
  • Legal and Ethic Issues
  • Body Systems
  • Medical Terminology
  • Emergency Medication
  • Emergency Preparedness

Protective Services (CJ310)
In Grade 11, the students will learn about:

  • Employability Skills
  • Organizational Structure
  • Safety
  • Fire Chemistry
  • Building Construction
  • Protective Clothing
  • Team Safety
  • Ladders
  • Fire Hydrants/Hoses
  • Attack Methods
  • Communication
  • Medical Care

Advance Criminal Justice and Protective Services (CJ410)
In Grade 12, students willlearn about:

Criminal Justice

  • Police concepts and skills
  • Use of Force
  • Criminal Law/Procedures
  • Court System
  • Health Safety
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Communication
  • Corrections
  • Security
  • Working with Special Populations

Protective Services

  • Public Safety
  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Career Development
  • Homeland Security

Students who successfully complete this coursework can pursue entry-level positions in the respective fields or continue in a post- secondary setting..