Information Systems

Department Head: RoseAnn Vaughan

Instructor: Joseph Szydlowski


11_18IST 2.JPGEach student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.


IST happenings

IST visits Liberty Bank

IST students went on a technology immersion field trip at brand new Liberty Bank home office. They were given a private technology tour by the Chief Information Officer.  And then met a panel of technology managers from Technology Support (level 2), System Administration, Engineering, and Web Delivery.


IST Tech support is expanding

For the past 8 years the IST shop has volunteered providing computer tech support at the Middletown senior and community center.  They are now expanding into Northford.  They will be at the Edward Smith Library, 3 Old Post Road in Northford on March 15th from 9 -12.  

Field Trip: IST Sophomores and Juniors participated in a field trip to Green Monster Electronics Recycling Center. Students were able to see first hand how the disposal of electronics relates to environmental policies, local municipal programs, and how an entire business can be made from something many of us overlook on a daily basis. Work Based Learning (WBL) opportunities were discussed as well since part of their program is repairing and restoring computers for resale.

IST - Green Monster.jpg

Certifications: (from left to right in picture) Jazer Lockhart, Josh Squier, Robert Hill, Joshua Anderson are 'rising above' and receiving extra certifications. These are industry recognized certifications from large players in the industry such as Adobe and Microsoft. Included in the picture (but not limited to since these students keep getting more and more certs) you see Jazer lockhart and Josh Squier with their Adobe Certified Associate in Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS6, Robert Hill holding his Microsoft Technology Associate in Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS, and Joshua Anderson with his Microsoft Office Specialist in Office PowerPoint 2016.

IST Certs.jpg

Project Highlight: In this picture (from left to right) you see Evan Monteiro and Devin Worrall demonstrating their working Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Server that they were able to setup and create from the ground up. This enterprise level technology is used in large infrastructure environments to deploy software and operating systems simultaneously to thousands of computers over a network.

IST Devon and Evan.jpg

IST to offer Tech Support at Middletown's City Hall

IST Uniform Order Form

Student makes an app

IST Video, created by Josh, class of 2017

Connecticut Technical Education and Career System's Information Systems course breakdown by grade. 

Course Descriptions

Exploratory and Introduction to Information Systems (IT110)
Students deciding to enter the field of Information Systems are introduced to basic concepts of computer hardware and software. Instruction is provided in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and students demonstrate beginner skills in these programs.  Students learn current operating systems and create dual boot systems, configure and troubleshoot systems.    Students will be introduced to the basics of safety, as well as equipment identification and use. The introduction to computer hardware includes knowledge of computer components and computer accessories.

Intermediate Software Applications (IT210)
In Grade 10, students demonstrate intermediate-level skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint). Students are then introduced to other Microsoft Products and to Adobe Products. Basic computer programming, computer networking, school-to-work and job readiness skills are also introduced. Students are prepared to take Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) Certification Tests. They continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices.

Web Design and Introduction to Networking (IT310)
In Grade 11, students demonstrate more advanced skills in web design, networking, databases and desktop publishing. Programming skills are refined and developed. A working knowledge of computer hardware is reintroduced. Networking,  server, and virtual machines are utilized.  Students are able to set up small networks and test them. Troubleshooting skills are taught and refined. School-to-work and job readiness skills are continued. They continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices. Students reaching an acceptable level of proficiency may be eligible for Work-based Learning (WBL).

Advanced Programming and Technical Skills (IT410)
In Grade 12, students continue to advance their programming and technical skills. A senior project is completed using advanced skills. Students specializing in hardware are prepared for A+ and networking certification examinations. They are also prepared for and encouraged to seek Microsoft certifications. Students continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices. They will demonstrate the ability to complete a job application, interview and to perform entry-level job readiness and trade skills. Students reaching an acceptable level of proficiency may be eligible for Work-based Learning (WBL). Each student will take the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) exam, a performance-based test.

Students successfully completing this course of study will be able to pursue a two-year computer technology degree at state colleges and universities or go on to a four-year computer engineering degree. Students can obtain immediate employment in the information systems area. Jobs include: help desk assistant, sales, systems technician and database maintenance, to name a few. Students graduating from Information Systems also find great success in the military in fields like communications, information management and information systems technician.