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 Students of the Month - March

9th Grade: Xavier Buda

10th Grade: David Fitzsimmons

11th Grade: Paul Patenaude

12th Grade: Zachariah Sanchez

Students of the Month -February

9th Grade: Leijah Lemonias

10th Grade: Jacob Beatty

11th Grade:Abigail Young

12th Grade: Kwaku Panti

Students of the Month - January

9th Grade: Stevie Ricci

10th Grade:  Kiara Jacobs

11th Grade: Ryan Douglas

12th Grade: Imane Chiby

Students of the Month - December

9th Grade: Alexis Betzner

10th Grade: Joseph Cardona

11th Grade: Mackenzie Frazer 

12th Grade: Eliza Almedina

Student of the Month - November

9th Grade: Alexis Betzner

10th Grade: William Malave

11th Grade: Ian Mannings

12th Grade: Jalen Engram

Vinal Tech Volunteer Fire Fighters

Vinal Tech students who are volunteer firefighters in their communities paid a tribute to their fellow firefighters.  Vinal Tech’s volunteer firefighters wore their uniforms in memory of those who lost their lives trying to save others on September 11, 2001. They participated in the raising of the American and Connecticut flags and held a moment of silence.  In addition, they helped with our monthly fire drill. The VT community is very proud of its students who are volunteer firefighters and that they took the initiative to ensure that the day was recognized in a solemn and thoughtful manner.