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Students deciding to enter the field of Information Systems are introduced to basic concepts of computer hardware and software. Instruction is provided in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and students demonstrate beginner skills in these programs. Students learn current operating systems and create dual boot systems, configure and troubleshoot systems. Students will be introduced to the basics of safety, as well as equipment identification and use. The introduction to computer hardware includes knowledge of computer components and computer accessories.

In Grade 10, students demonstrate intermediate-level skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint). Students are then introduced to other Microsoft Products and to Adobe Products. Basic computer programming, computer networking, school-to-work and job readiness skills are also introduced. Students are prepared to take Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) Certification Tests. They continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices.

In Grade 11, students demonstrate more advanced skills in web design, networking, databases and desktop publishing. Programming skills are refined and developed. A working knowledge of computer hardware is reintroduced. Networking, server, and virtual machines are utilized. Students are able to set up small networks and test them. Troubleshooting skills are taught and refined. School-to-work and job readiness skills are continued. They continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices. Students reaching an acceptable level of proficiency may be eligible for Work-based Learning (WBL).

In Grade 12, students continue to advance their programming and technical skills. A senior project is completed using advanced skills. Students specializing in hardware are prepared for A+ and networking certification examinations. They are also prepared for and encouraged to seek Microsoft certifications. Students continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices. They will demonstrate the ability to complete a job application, interview and to perform entry-level job readiness and trade skills. Students reaching an acceptable level of proficiency may be eligible for Work-based Learning (WBL). Each student will take the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) exam, a performance-based test.

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15 Credits at Middlesex Community College*

  • CSC101 Introduction to Computers (3 credits) *
  • CSC115 Introduction to Programming with JS (3 credits) *
  • DGA110 Computer Graphics (3 credits) *
  • DGA125 New Media Production (3 credits)*
  • DGA241 Internet Web Design (3 credits) *

*Must fill out proper paperwork.


Students have the opportunity to take the following certification examinations:

Microsoft Technical Associate

  • Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-368: Mobility & Device Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-369: Cloud Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-375: HTML5 Development Fundamentals**
  • Exam 98-379: Software Testing Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-380: Introduction to Programming Using Block-Based Languages
  • Exam 98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python**
  • Exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

  • MS Word 2020
  • MS Word 2020 Expert
  • MS Excel 202020
  • MS Excel 2020 Expert
  • MS PowerPoint 2020**
  • MS Access 2020**
  • MS Outlook 2020**

Adobe Certified Associate Certification

  • Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator**
  • Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign**
  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects**
  • Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro**
  • Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop
  • Interactive Media using Adobe Flash Professional

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Students successfully completing this course of study will be able to pursue a two-year computer technology degree at state colleges and universities or go on to a four-year computer engineering degree. Students can obtain immediate employment in the information systems area. Jobs include: help desk assistant, sales, systems technician and database maintenance, to name a few. Students graduating from Information Systems also find great success in the military in fields like communications, information management and information systems technician.

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