Vinal Tech Partnered With goPink+ for Their “What the Duck” Campaign

October 14, 2022

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Vinal Technical High School carpentry students partnered with goPink+ for their “What the Duck” campaign.

The campaign raises money to provide free integrative medicine therapy to cancer patients, including those with breast cancer, at Middlesex Health Cancer Center.

goPink+ asks businesses located on Main St., Middletown, CT, to purchase wooden ducks designed and built by Vinal Tech carpentry students. Forty-two ducks of varying sizes were made.

Businesses decorate their duck and display them at their location. Proceeds from the duck purchases are then donated to Middlesex Health.

“I feel really good about this,” said Krista Meehan, a senior carpentry student. “My job actually bought a duck…it’s cool seeing our personal work around Connecticut.”

The project began with a collaborative design process. Students sketched duck design ideas and their teacher assisted in creating the final duck form.

Each duck was made of plywood and the form was cut out on a CNC machine.

Audria Outlaw, a carpentry student, used this project as an opportunity to learn how to use the CNC machine and now anticipates using the skill in her future career.

Teaching CNC machining is a priority in carpentry shops across Connecticut’s technical high schools.

Meehan explained that some people would use a chisel or router to cut shapes out of plywood.

“The CNC makes our job 5 times easier and there is less room for mistakes,” she said.

“I feel good knowing [the project] was for a good reason,” said Outlaw. “We can spread awareness that we care about our community.”